Ruby, a hibiscus beverage brand, announced the release of two new functional juicy sodas: Sparkling Hibiscus Berry Cherry and Sparkling Hibiscus Fuji Apple.

As their names suggest, each beverage packs a nostalgic juicy punch that approachably helps consumers access the myriad of health benefits derived from the 1,000 plus antioxidants that uniquely stem from hibiscus, the company says.

“After two years of extensive time in the field talking directly with our customers, we feel like we’ve nailed both format and flavor. We’re the only juicy organic soda that puts fun into functionality. That’s thanks to the power of our muse, hibiscus — the one only ingredient that gives us 1000 plus health benefits,” said Ruby Founder Noah Wunsch in a statement.  “Consumers are used to ‘functional’ being subtle and/or confusing. Our goal at Ruby is to make functional not only understandable by spotlighting a single ingredient but also show that functional can be flavorful, fun and really fizzy.”

Joining Ruby’s existing lineup of Sparkling Original Hibiscus, Sparkling Hibiscus Blood Orange, and Sparkling Hibiscus Concord Grape, the new flavors are available at retailers including Central Market and Earthfare, as well as retailers all over the East Coast and Texas, with others like Thrive Market to come in the following months, the company says.

Packaged in 12-ounce cans, Ruby’s new flavors also are available to purchase online in 12-packs with nationwide shipping at Amazon, as well as by visiting the company’s website.