Jiant announced the release of Citrus Safari, the sixth hard kombucha in the beverage brand’s celebrated seasonal series available now through April.

Paying a homage to Jiant’s long-time mascot “Jerry the Jiant Jiraffe,”Jiant will donate 10% of proceeds from Citrus Safari to The Somali Giraffe Project, which helps to protect and conserve Somali giraffes through community-based programs, it says.

Pairing zesty yuzu and juicy mango, the gluten-free Citrus Safari is brewed with organic green tea, sustainably sourced organic honey, cane sugar, mango puree and yuzu juice, and is finished off with a hint of hops, the company notes. The tantalizingly citrus-forward and subtly hoppy hard kombucha is a welcome treat during crisp winter months, and the cleverly designed yellow giraffe print reminds fans of Jiant’s support for preservation, it says.

The limited edition 5% ABV Citrus Safari is available in 16-ounce single cans at select retailers across the country.