Labatt Blue Light recently introduced its fruity take on non-alcoholic beer: Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai. With 75 calories, this year-round non-alcohol beer features bright notes of strawberry and popular acai. 

“The new Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai offers a unique opportunity to shake up the non-alcoholic beer segment,” said Inga Grote-Ebbs, Labatt USA brand director, in a statement. “Beer fans can enjoy a light and refreshing fruity non-alcoholic beer, the perfect alternative for holiday parties and entertaining.”

According to an online survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Beer Institute, more than 50% of drinkers ages 21-34 took breaks from drinking any alcohol versus 35% of all alcohol drinkers.

“Millennials and 21-plus Gen Z consumers are driving mainstream acceptance of non-alcoholic beer, as well as trends like Dry January,” Grote-Ebbs stated. “As conscious consumption continues, some people choose to abstain from alcohol all together while others swap out drinks over the course of a night. Whatever the reason, making refreshing, great tasting non-alcoholic beer keeps Labatt in the game.”

Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai is available all year in six-packs of 12-ounce sleek cans. The product is currently available in New York and Michigan with a rollout to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Vermont expected in 2023.