Walden, N.Y.-based Angry Orchard, a cider brand of The Boston Beer Co., is teaming up with Brooklyn-based pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds to launch its limited-edition Boozy Baked Apple Pies made with Angry Orchard’s most recent cider innovation: Natural Baked Apple Pie Style Hard Cider. 

The new cider, which launched this fall in the brand’s Fall Haul Variety Pack, is incorporated directly into each pie for an extra kick, the company says.

“Cider is the perfect addition to any holiday table, whether paired with the meal or used as an ingredient,” said Joe Gaynor, cider maker for Angry Orchard, in a statement. “The love for apples doesn’t stop at cider making at our Orchard and we know a good apple pie when we find one. Bringing our seasonal favorite Natural Baked Apple Pie Style Cider with apples grown here on the Orchard to the expert bakers at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, we made a Boozy Baked Apple Pie that’s sure to leave a lasting impression for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or any celebration in between.”

To bring Angry Orchard’s flavors from the can to the dessert plate, the bakers at Four & Twenty Blackbirds created a classic, lightly spiced baked apple pie using two apple varieties ― Empire and Jonnamac ― grown right on the Angry Orchard in New York's Hudson Valley, the company notes. Each pie features a silky-smooth caramel sauce that’s infused with the bright apple flavor of Angry Orchard’s Hard Cider and, for the finishing touch, a toasty, buttery oat crumble on top, it says.

The Boozy Baked Apple Pies are available for delivery by visiting the Four & Twenty Blackbirds website beginning Nov. 2 ($44 with free shipping).