Jiant, in collaboration with social wellness platform Vizer, announced the launch of Planet Pomegranate, the fifth hard kombucha in Jiant’s seasonal series. Always gluten-free and crafted from all organic and non-GMO ingredients, Planet Pomegranate is available September through December, with proceeds from the limited release donated to support U.S. food banks and the fight against hunger, the company notes.

Seasonally inspired and spice-forward, Planet Pomegranate is brewed with organic green tea, sustainably sourced organic honey, organic cane sugar, organic pomegranate juice, organic cherry puree, organic ginger juice, “all tied together with a warming pinch of organic cinnamon,” it says. 

“We are proud that our latest seasonal, Planet Pomegranate, is an impact-driven collaboration with our friends at Vizer,” said Marika Jayne, senior marketing manager of Jiant, in a statement. “Their mission is incredibly powerful in its ability to turn usual daily activities into charitable acts, and we’re supporting that the best way we know how — by creating a unique product with the purest ingredients that tastes spectacular.”

The 5% ABV hard kombucha is available in 16-ounce single cans in select retailers across the country. Jiant currently is available in more than 4,000 stores throughout California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.