Connecticut couple Martha Outlaw and Matt Ellenthal introduced Barrelsmith, a new line of premium ready-to-pour bottled classic cocktails: Negroni, Manhattan and Boulevardier. Barrelsmith cocktails are blended in small batches and then aged in 53 gallon oak barrels until finished, the company says. Martha Outlaw’s liqueur is named after founder Martha and the Rosso Vermouth is made in house using California wine, it adds. At 30% ABV, the Barrelsmith Negroni is made with London Dry Gin, Rosso Vermouth and Martha Outlaw’s liqueur, while the Boulevardier is made with straight bourbon whiskey, Rosso Vermouth and Martha Outlaw’s liqueur. The Barrelsmith Manhattan (35% ABV) is a blend of straight rye whiskey, Rosso Vermouth and a touch of Barrelsmith’s own house made orange bitters, it says. Packaged in 750-ml bottles, the cocktails are available to purchase for a suggested retail price of $38, as well as a variety pack of three 100-ml bottles for a suggested retail price of $25. Barrelsmith is available online at and at retailers in California, Connecticut, Vermont, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and New York, with plans to expand distribution in late 2022.

Barrel Crafted Cocktails Inc., Wilton, Conn.


Distribution: Select markets, online