Binske, Denver, announced the next iteration of its premium cannabis products, now including Intelligentsia Coffee, as a key ingredient.

Binske’s new coffee-infused chocolate bars will be the latest addition to a robust line of premium cannabis chocolate products in the Binske portfolio, all of which are made with one of the most prized varieties of cacao, exclusively sourced by Binske from the heart of Peru, the company says.

“Growth and innovation are at the core of our business, and we’re always looking to up the ante ― so, stepping into the world of coffee with such an innovative brand like Intelligentsia is an incredibly exciting next chapter for us,” said Jacob Pasternack, Binske’s Founder, CEO and chairman, in a statement. “Since the cannabidiol-infused food and beverage market is expected to reach an impressive $5.9 billion in the next five years, we're looking to capitalize on opportunities to expand and enhance our offerings in the category.”

The first of Binske's coffee-inspired products will hit shelves in January 2022, launching with edibles powered by Intelligentsia coffee beans, according to the company.

Alex Pasternack, executive vice president at Binske, added: “Cannabis and coffee are the ultimate combination, packing a one-two punch of flavor and feeling, and we’re excited to tap into this new market with a partner that has a passionate and loyal customer base like our own.”

Coffee-infused chocolate bars will be available at retailers in Colorado, Nevada and California to start.