Golden Grail Technology, Weston, Fla., announces its acquisition of Trevi Essence Water. Trevi Essence Water was sold in high-end supermarkets and grocery chains such as Food City, Publix and Wayfield. Golden Grail entered into an agreement with Barebrick Beverage Co. Inc. to acquire Trevi Water Brand Assets and Intellectual Property, i.e., formulas, distributor lists, trademarks, etc.

“The Trevi acquisition is another example, along with Spider Energy Drink, of how Golden Grail is committed to our mission of fiscally responsible investing in beverage brands,” said Steven Hoffman, CEO for Golden Grail, in a statement. “We identified and acquired another emerging brand that had already spent substantial capital on product and brand development, got it on shelves and established a consumer base. Now, we will focus on reconnecting past customers, approaching new direct-to-store distributors and grow the brand with responsible management. Golden Grail has the infrastructure, including the financing, to aggressively build out our beverage roll up strategy. 2022 will be a very exciting year for Golden Grail.”