Party Can, a brand of Cocktail Courier, announced the launch of two new ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail expressions: Cosmicpolitan and Gold Rush Old Fashioned. The Cosmicpolitan is made with vodka, combier liqueur d’orange, passion fruit and lime juices, while the Gold Rush Old Fashioned is made with Kentucky bourbon, fresh lemon juice, natural herbs, bitters, and black and chamomile tea, the company says. The two new expressions join Party Can’s stand-alone flavor: the Triple Spice Margarita. Party Can offers mixologist-approved cocktails, using premium ingredients and all-natural colors and flavors, with the new Cosmicpolitan’s purple hue derived from vegetable juice, the company adds. Packaged in 1.75-liter resealable cans that serve up to 12 full-sized cocktails, the Cosmicpolitan has an ABV of 12.5%, while the Gold Rush Old Fashioned has a 15% ABV. Both varieties have a suggested retail price of $33.99 and are available to purchase nationwide online from Cocktail Courier and at select retailers. 

Cocktail Courier, Chicago


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