Hopland, Calif.-based Fetzer announced its Thanksgiving campaign ahead of its key selling period. Developed with media agency Cutwater, Here's to #Friendsgiving offers a 2021 take on Fetzer's traditional Thanksgiving campaigns, as America's most diverse generation yet comes to the table with new ways to connect and with new favorite foods, the company says.

As Fetzer's new campaign draws inspiration from the reality that this year's Thanksgivings will look different, amidst a time of shifting cultural norms and ongoing social distancing, it highlights the possibilities this moment affords and underscores the beauty of celebrating differently — be it with a meat-free Thanksgiving, a socially distanced potluck with friends, or any other inspired riff on the traditional occasion, the company adds.

"The Fetzer brand was founded more than 50 years ago on the idea that it should be easy to enjoy a great-quality bottle of wine with a meal,'' said Rachel Newman, vice president of marketing for Fetzer, in a statement. “While we still make good on that promise, we're taking a page from our consumers and reconsidering how this classic holiday looks, with one of our biggest investments ever in a holiday campaign."

The 360-degree Here's to #Friendsgiving campaign will come to life beginning Nov. 1, delivering a coordinated mix of social media programming, digital ads, influencer activations across the United States, while it offers a consumer sweepstakes at point of sale (POS) to drive home the message that Thanksgiving is what you make of it. To that end, engaging POS asking "What will you bring to the table?" will invite consumers to define their own traditions, and share them on social media, the company says.

Ensuring continuity with broader marketing initiatives, the campaign name itself is a seasonal, social take on the brand's year-round tagline, "Here's to Tomorrow," the company adds.

"Our inherent drive to connect can't be confined to a particular definition of tradition,” said Hilary Butler, senior brand manager for Fetzer, in a statement. “Even during a time of significant change like this year, connection ― and the ways we create it ― is the great equalizer and ties us all together. This campaign looks to celebrate that and is part of the long history of tradition around the table that Fetzer stands for, seen in a new light."