Madison Chemical introduced MadBrew STONE ACID, a specially inhibited low foam acid blend designed to remove hard water deposits and scale, extract from wort, lipids from hop compounds and more. The low foaming acid blend dissolves the crystalline structure of the calcium carbonate, which permits the complete removal of the deposits from kettles, heat exchangers and other equipment, the company says. Ideal for stainless steel and copper alloys, the formulation is recommended for use prior to Enviro-Clean BOIL-OUT on hot side brew house cleaning applications, and in advance of Enviro-Clean BOIL OUT on heat exchangers. STONE ACID is ideal for craft breweries of all sizes and volumes, as well as food and beverage plants where hard water deposits and scale are problematic. An A3 compound, the formulation is safe for use throughout every department in a beverage plant and customers typical “dial in” on final concentrations after several trials and cleanings, the company says.  

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