AF Life Sciences Inc., Denver, announced a strategic manufacturing, marketing and global distribution partnership with Cheech Marin, the multi-generational actor, writer, comedian and pioneer cannabis advocate.

“AF has entered into an agreement to produce and distribute ‘Cheech's Stash’ CBD products, as well as a new line of Kombucha utilizing his likeness,” the company said in a statement. “The product line features AF's premium CBD line of relief topicals, tinctures promoting focus and rest, relaxing bath salts, and more.”

Cheech's Kombucha will feature flavors infused with nutraceutical-grade CBD. Coast to Coast distribution is already established and set to expand exponentially.

Cheech's Stash is a family-run business that focuses on consistency of quality and ingredient integrity, and products integrated with hemp.

"We are very pleased to collaborate with AF Life Sciences, as we took our time to find the right company that would meet our standards of quality. We appreciate their dedication to excellence as well as their experience in the CBD and beverage market, and their commitment to maintaining a high standard of product quality as an industry leader," said Marin, founder of Cheech's Stash, in a statement.

Cheech’s Stash merchandise and other CBD products currently are available for purchase in select markets at