To kick off summer, Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea is celebrating the fun of unfiltered family moments with its TV commercials, “Front Yard Family.” The commercial spotlights these front yard moments like a surprise attack by mom with the water hose or running out of the house in a robe to get the morning newspaper. The tag line “Stay Gold,” acts as a rallying call for all families to stay true to what makes their family “uniquely them” and a promise that Gold Peak will stay true to its real brewed roots, the brand says. The commercial release also aligns with Gold Peak’s new visual identity, which began rolling out in May. The new visual identity highlights the golden hue of the liquid, while emphasizing the natural flavors with tea leaves and an organic color palette. A fully reimagined wordmark with subtle leaf-like serifs and a new messaging hierarchy reinforces Gold Peak’s commitment to real brewed tea and healthier ingredients, like cane sugar, it adds.