SLIQ Spirited Ice now is available at select retailers nationwide, including Albertsons and Walmart. Crafted with elevated flavors to inspire good times, SLIQ Spirited Ice’s three core products — Vodka, Agave and Rum — offer classic flavors such as Vodka Lemonade, Vodka Blue Raspberry, Rum Strawberry Daiquiri, Rum Coconut & Lime Daiquiri, Agave Classic Margarita and Agave Strawberry Margarita with a sophisticated, modern twist. Each 8 percent alcohol-by-volume freezer pop has fewer than 100 calories, and are gluten free, vegan, kosher, and come in a portion controlled single-serve packaging. Additionally, the company has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle, as part of its SLIQ Recycling Program. Consumers can send in all empty SLIQ Spirited Ice plastic tubes to TerraCycle to be recycled in exchange for rewards to charities of their choice.