India distiller NV Group and Smoke Lab will debut Smoke Lab Vodka in the United States. Guided by Smoke Lab Founder, Varun Jain, Smoke Lab Vodka is manufactured one batch at a time at a state-of-the-art distillery and crafted with locally sourced Basmati rice, a crop indigenous to the brand’s native country, it says. Basmati rice was selected as the spirit base for Smoke Lab Vodka because of its distinctive nutty flavor and unique floral aroma, and because Basmati is linked with India, the company says. Once harvested, the Basmati rice is steeped in Himalayan natural spring water prior to undergoing an ultra-modern five-step distillation process using charcoal filtration. A two-step Sparkle Filtration process is then utilized to create this 40 percent alcohol by volume spirit. Packaged in in 750-ml bottles, Smoke Lab Vodka has a suggested price of $19.99 for a bottle.

NV Group and Smoke Lab, New Delhi, India
Distribution: Select markets, online