India’s NV Group and SMOKE LAB, the company’s new age lifestyle endeavor, announced the debut of SMOKE LAB Aniseed Vodka in the United States. SMOKE LAB Aniseed Vodka is an exploration of a much-loved Indian herb with notes of fennel and licorice finishing with a creamy, sweetness and delicate fennel blossom note on the palate, according to the company. SMOKE LAB Aniseed Vodka is manufactured one batch at a time, at a state-of-the-art distillery and crafted with locally sourced superior-quality Basmati rice, a crop indigenous to the brand’s native country, and pure Himalayan spring water, the company says. The new vodka is available in New York, New Jersey and California, with additional expansion planned for 2021.

NV Group, New Delhi, India


Distribution: Select markets