Silgan Equipment Co. offers new 51R84/85 vision systems that are designed to conduct 360-degree inspections of full-body shrink sleeve labeled products, including beverages and foods with standard wraparound labels. Multiple GigE cameras inspect the full-length labels at speeds of as fast as 800 containers a minute while efficiently detecting label errors to make sure that only properly labeled products reach store shelves, the company says. The expense and complexity of full-body label application makes label inspection crucial for production lines. The 51R84 system inspects each full-length label from the container base to the neck ring below the tamper-evident band for folds and tears as well as irregular label seams. Additionally, the vision system confirms proper label height, sends alerts when labels are missing, while the system software identifies containers with defective labels. In addition to the 51R84, the company offers the companion 51R85 vision system, which contains all of the features of the aforementioned system plus a fifth camera that inspects container necks for cocked caps and damaged tamper-evident bands.

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