PDC International Corp., in a new partnership with Vista, Calif.-based Marburg Industries, unveiled a new, economical shrink sleeve labeling system combining the best of both company’s innovative technologies. The system is a great value for an entry-level investment or when moderate speeds are needed for producing eye-catching labels on food and beverage bottles and cans for beer and other beverages, the company says. The PDC/Marburg system combines the Marburg 625 FB shrink sleeve applicator with a PDC KSA-70 steam shrink tunnel. The applicator includes a 16-foot stainless steel conveyor that handles speeds as fast as 100 bottles a minute, while the KSA-70 is a three-zone steam tunnel that, firstly, enables the anchoring of the label under the bottle’s bottom radius while the subsequent two zones cover the body and neck, focusing steam with pinpoint accuracy. The two-in-one machine is simple to operate, provides easy changeovers and a small footprint that easily can fit on any production line, the company says.

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