PDC International Corp. introduces its 140F Conform Series Steam Tunnel with Motorized Tunnel Lift. This tunnel is designed to meet the challenges of shrink sleeve applications such as highly shaped containers, including tall or hourglass shapes, long neck wine or beer bottles, or twin packs, the company says. The 140F Conform Series Steam Tunnel with its five-zones and Power Auto Lift is an amalgam of two PDC technologies. The 140F performs in one tunnel what would otherwise require two full tunnels to accomplish, the company says. The adjustable pre-shrink zone anchors the sleeve at the base of the container prior to entering the main zones of the tunnel. Most of the shrink occurs in the second and third thermostatically controlled standard tunnel zones that are electronically regulated with thermocouple and an electronic regulator. These central zones include a precise manual main regulator, gauges, condensate trap and steam filter. The two final “finishing zones” allow targeted steam at specific locations on the neck or wherever steam is most needed. The unit also includes a venting manifold with stack dampers to control steam outflow from the tunnel, the company says. The newest feature of the 140F is the optional Power Auto Lift Motorized Tunnel Stand, which allows the raising of the tunnel away from the conveyor if conditions require, or in the case of an emergency stop on the line. The 140F has an overall length of 140 inches and can run at line speeds of as much as 300 containers a minute. It is made of complete stainless-steel construction. Coupled with PDC’s reliable shrink sleeve labeling machinery, the 140F allows for consistent packaging even for the most challenging shapes, according to the company.

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