Silgan Equipment Co. announced key upgrades to its 51R56 bottle and cap vision inspection system, now version 51R56G, which features new cameras and software. The inspection system is used by many of the major packagers to inspect beverages and foods packaged using bottles and caps, the company says. The vision system inspects filled bottles for cocked, loose, skewed and missing caps, damaged or missing tamper-evidence bands and low fill levels. Beverage-makers also can opt for a system that confirms proper cap color and graphics. In addition to inspecting bottles and caps, the 51R56G can detect and reject incorrectly capped, damaged or incompletely filled containers before they can proceed downstream and enter the marketplace. The new system features a high-resolution GigE Flir camera and a new software program operating on Windows 10 instead of Windows 7, it says. As a result, the system produces higher resolution images, thereby improving inspection results because it is able to process images more quickly. The vision tunnel is mounted on a stand that enables the unit to be positioned easily over an existing conveyor line, eliminating the need to break into a line to provide space. This configuration also enables the unit to be quickly raised or lowered as it inspects different height containers and cap sizes ranging from 28 mm to 43 mm, and up to 82 mm with changes to camera lenses and lighting.

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