The 1995 Pizza Hut commercial where Jerry Jones asks Deion Sanders a slew of questions, including what will it be football or baseball, always ends with the pro athlete answering with “both.” Like Sanders tough choice of meat lovers or stuffed crust pizza and the response of both, the readers of Beverage Industry had some tough choices for the Readers’ Choice: New Product of the Month poll for June. As a result, two winners were selected for the poll.

Both with 33 percent of the vote were DRNXMYTH and Ohza Classic Bellini and Mango Mimosa. DRNXMYTH is a new line of bartender-created, ready-to-drink cocktails that undergo high-pressure processing. The bottles feature two-chambers, allowing the packaging to keep the cold-pressured ingredients and liquor separate until the consumer twists the bottom of the bottle two break the two-chamber seal and create a freshly-made cocktail, the company says.

Meanwhile Ohza Classic Bellini and Mango Mimosa are authentic “sparkling wine cocktail” without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors, the company says. Each is 5 percent alcohol by volume and made with premium sparkling wine and real juice.

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