HRS Heat Exchangers offers a complete turnkey system that provides pasteurization through the use of a novel electrical heating method. The new system maintains the properties of freshly squeezed juice, which are adversely affected during traditional pasteurization processes. Although pasteurization is a well-established method for increasing the shelf life of juice and reducing the likelihood of microbiological spoilage, it requires the use of heat, which can adversely affect product quality, the company says. On the other hand, ohmic heating uses electricity to rapidly and uniformly heat products, and has been scientifically shown to be highly effective at deactivating bacteria, yeast and molds while maintaining the flavors and quality of fruit juice. The ohmic system works by passing electricity between two electrodes in the product in a 1-meter ceramic tube, so the electricity has to pass through the product. The result is that the juice is heated up to 221-degrees Fahrenheit within one second before being cooled with an HRS MI Series stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger. Although ohmic technology is not new, HRS’ system uses the latest electronics to ensure that the temperature curve is very smooth, which not only helps to preserve product quality but also improves process efficiency. The system has the capacity to treat 4,755 gallons (21 tons) of juice each hour.

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