Orion Packaging, a product brand of ProMach, recently introduced a new carriage for its stretch wrappers that will become the company’s new standard for improved stretch wrapping and minimum stretch film consumption. The company also has developed a new pre-engineered and integrated conveyor/pallet wrapping system ideal for the beer industry, which is designed to lower acquisition costs and delivery time, the company says. In an era of sustainability, the stretch wrapping innovation minimizes film consumption, delivering pre-stretch capabilities of 260 percent, and is adjustable for higher or lower pre-stretch as load requirements vary. Designed for heavy-duty industrial stretch and pallet wrapping systems for the food and beverage industries, the Orion S-carriage offers semi-automatic stretch wrapping turntable machines, and semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping rotary tower systems, as well as orbital, automatic, semi-automatic, and specialty stretch wrap systems.

Orion Packaging, 4750 County Road, 13 NE, Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 901/888-4170; orionpackaging.com.