Signode Industrial Group offers its line of Octopus stretch wrappers and Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment. The Lachenmeier stretch hood systems and the Octopus line of rotary ring wrappers are ideal for manufacturers looking to effectively secure pallet loads during transport, the company says. The sustainable solution minimizes waste and maximizes box plant efficiencies, enabling customers to achieve ideal load containment while simultaneously improving their bottom line. Newly adopted in the corrugated industry, the Octopus line of stretch wrappers, a compact alternative to the company’s Multi FleXL stretch hood machine and film, works with a variety of applications and load sizes and offers a film savings as much as 25 percent less than traditional rotary arm stretch wrappers, the company says. The Lachenmeier Multi FleXL stretch hood machine provides the necessary protection and force to stabilize even the most challenging loads, it adds. Depending on the size and height of the product, the machine can wrap as many as 180 loads an hour. When coupled with patented multi-layer Xeros stretch hood film, loads are not only quickly and effectively secured but also free of contaminates and moisture.

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