To keep pace with all things cannibidiol (CBD)-related, medicinal and recreational marijuana clinics are popping up in states where it is legal. A new on-premise experience — and fresh from a mid-December Grand Opening — the Ablis Experience CBD lounge inside the Pine Street Marketplace in downtown Portland, Ore., features “func-tail” drinks made of functional ingredients, the company says. House favorites include “Heart Beet,” a blend of beet powder and hawthorn berry, and Ablis Cranberry Blood Orange CBD. “It’s not just CBD and beverages to us. We are the world’s first functional CBD lounge,” said Jim Bendis, founder and chief executive officer of Ablis, in a statement. “This idea of the func-tail has been a long time in the making. Our goal at Ablis Experience is to allow diners to taste the many flavors offered on our menu with ingredients that provide health benefits beyond normal nutrition.”