International Dehydrated Foods LLC (IDF) has expanded its CHiKPRO portfolio to include CHiKPRO Collagen Bone Broth, an ingredient that recently received a patent for collagen content and significant prebiotic effect in preclinical research trials. CHiKPRO Collagen is made from chicken bone broth that has been enriched with type II collagen, guaranteeing a 55 percent minimum level of collagen. The U.S. Patent Office granted a patent, based in part on the results of two preclinical studies from the Center for Biomedical & Life Sciences at Missouri State University, the company says. The trials demonstrated a significant prebiotic effect of increasing Lactobacillus, which poses the opportunity of reducing and/or eliminating the need for regular probiotic supplements, it adds. The studies also showed that CHiKPRO Collagen can reduce COX-2 activity by at least 20 percent, while not significantly inhibiting COX-1 activity. “Public interest in bone broth and collagen is on the rise, and many consumers use it as a supplement for joint and skin health, as well as a source of electrolytes,” said Stephanie Lynch, vice president of sales, marketing and technology for IDF, in a statement. “The recent preclinical trials uncovered additional health benefits that have previously not been recognized.” CHiKPRO Collagen is compatible for use in FDA, USDA and supplement products. Made from 100 percent USDA chicken, CHiKPRO Collagen is free from common allergens (including dairy and soy), keto-friendly, and Certified Paleo for formulators seeking these label claims, the company says.

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