For brands wanting to be more relevant to their sustainability-minded customers, the PlantCarton package is a plant-based solution that can reduce plastic use by about 80 percent.* This sustainability edge comes from its benefits: PlantCarton packaging is renewable**, recyclable, and supported by responsible forestry practices.

The packaging line includes Traditional and Renewable Plus, which uses renewable polyethylene from sugarcane that results in a paper carton that is made with even more renewable materials.

“We are already seeing companies signing on to transition to PlantCarton packaging from petroleum-based packaging,” says DeWitt Clark, vice president of sales North American packaging for Evergreen Packaging. “This is a sustainability story that brands can take advantage of today,” he added.

Evergreen Packaging can fully support a company’s efforts to incorporate PlantCarton packaging because it also offers a complete line of filling equipment, closures, customizable paperboard and barrier coatings, and, of course, cartons. Evergreen is a fully integrated, plant-based packaging company in the North American refrigerated juice and dairy case. The company is noted for its ongoing support of customers through services such as free technical service visits, sales support for logistical and ordering activities, inventory management, quality assurance on package graphics, and consumer and industry research.

PlantCarton packaging means you can:

  • Offer a sustainable packaging option to meet consumers’ growing demands
  • Reduce your beverage plastic use by about 80 percent*
  • Bring in a natural fit for clean-label products

For details, visit

Evergreen Packaging LLC
5350 Poplar Ave., Suite 600
Memphis, Tenn. 38119


* PlantCarton packages of 52-64 ounce use about 80 percent less plastic than most comparably sized PET plastic packages. The Renewable Plus line is higher. 

**The renewable content across all PlantCarton lines and grades ranges from 70 to 99 percent depending on the carton size, paperboard structure, coating type, and use of a spout. The PlantCarton packages are made with a renewable resource, paper, made from trees grown in forests where the overall rate of forest growth exceeds use.