Just in time for the holidays, Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream released their 2019 special edition holiday packs. Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream is being sold with a hot chocolate K-Cup and a coffee K-Cup VAP. In addition, Saint Brendan’s is launching a holiday gift set that includes a 750-ml Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream and a 50-ml bottle of Pearl Vodka, The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The holiday gift pack also will offer some recipes  such as Breakfast in Dublin, The Honey Bear and The Black Walnut Manhattan. The holiday packs will be available in select states. The Ezra Brooks Bourbon Cream set is being sold with a branded tumbler and recipe suggestions. Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon also is launching an Old Fashioned gift set, which includes a 750-ml bottle of bourbon, stainless steel branded jigger, Old Fashioned mix and a recipe booklet.