Minneapolis-based Cargill has invested an additional $75 million in PURIS, a North American producer of pea protein. The investment enables PURIS to more than double its pea protein production using an existing 200,000-square-foot facility in Dawson, Minn., the company says. It also will position PURIS to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for its pea proteins, starches and fibers all grown and produced through its integrated and transparent supply chain, it adds.

Van Drunen Farms, Momence, Ill., a parent company of FutureCeuticals, and SouthAm Freeze Dry, Santiago, Chile, announced a new partnership where Van Drunen Farms will take a majority stake in SouthAm. The investment in SouthAm provides Van Drunen and FutureCeuticals a key competitive advantage for South and Central American fruits in the food, functional food and supplement spaces. It also continues SouthAm’s innovation, which is focused on the development of native, herbal, fruit and vegetable ingredients, the company says.

Stoney Creek, Ontario-based Bartek Ingredients announced the decision to purchase a 22,000 metric tons/year reactor from MAN Energy Solutions in Deggendorf, Germany. The reactor will expand the company’s maleic anhydride capacity ahead of anticipated long-term growth in the global acidulants market, it says. It further integrates Bartek’s upstream raw material production with its downstream finishing capacity, it adds.

GNT Group, Tarrytown, N.Y., announced it has developed a new and improved range of EXBERRY liquid and powdered red coloring foods that do not contain sugar, the company says. The new range contains higher color intensities and two raw materials, helping food and beverage manufacturers achieve shorter, cleaner ingredient lists, it adds. Made from fruits and vegetables, the new EXBERRY reds range includes such shades as Vivid Red, Purple Plum, Veggie Red and Brilliant Pink.

Downers Grove, Ill.-based Flavorchem Corp. has created its Natural Vanilla Extract Enhancers in response to soaring vanilla prices in recent years, it says. The flavor company addressed the need for cost-reducing alternatives to vanilla by creating the enhancers that contain real vanilla and can be used to simulate, replace or enhance the performance of pure vanilla extract. The vanilla extract enhancers offer authentic taste, supply stability and consistent quality, according to the company.

Fintech, Tampa, Fla., named Dan Gaertner as its chief technology officer. Gaertner is a 20-year industry veteran and brings a wealth of knowledge and proven experience to the company including product acquisitions, organization strategy and technology growth, it says.

Atlanta-based CP Kelco announced the expansion of its gellan gum production capabilities in the United States. The expansion includes a significant investment to increase capacity at its Okmulgee, Okla., biogums production facility, it says. The expansion project solidifies the company’s position as the leading global supplier of its multi-functional gellan ingredient, including its KELCOGEL Gellan Gum, which provides stabilization, suspension and texture for a variety of food, beverage and personal care applications, according to the company.

Artemis International, Fort Wayne, Ind., introduced its new ElderCraft extracts to the U.S. market. ElderCraft is a European black elderberry extract crafted from premium quality Austrian berries of the variety “Haschberg” extracted using IPT, a proprietary, 100 percent solvent-free water extraction and filtration process, the company says. ElderCraft extracts are water-soluble and standardized to a polyphenol and anthocyanin specification, it adds.

Carol Stream, Ill.-based Prinova announced it has expanded into the Asia-Pacific market with the establishment of an entity in Australia. The new subsidiary of Prinova Europe Ltd will serve customers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and comes in direct response to demand from global clients seeking product support in APAC, the company says. The new operation will help the company supply ANZ markets with bespoke nutritional premixes from its China facility, with more than 2,000 ingredients in categories ranging from vitamins and amino acids to essential oils and aroma chemicals supported by warehouses in ANZ, it adds.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Burcon Nutrascience Corp. announced it has developed a new pea-protein blend: Nutratein-PS. Nutratein-PS is a blend of Burcon’s proprietary Peazazz pea protein and Supertein canola protein that provides clean flavor and high solubility for fortifying dairy-alternative beverages such as almond milk, it says. It also can be used to formulate a stand-alone beverage with a nutritional value consistent with cow’s milk, it adds.

PepTech Collagen, Inc., Brazil, and InterGanics, Inc., Chicago, announced a new joint venture where the companies have reimagined the collagen production process end-to-end, from raw material acquisition through processing and packaging, they say. The result is a new high-purity product — PeptPure Collagen Peptides and a re-engineered process that achieves high levels of purity, traceability, sustainability and transparency, according to the companies.