For traditionalists, the 30th wedding anniversary is commemorated by a pearl. In the beverage market, reaching such a milestone represents how a brand is able to evolve to needs and wants of consumers three decades later.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Chicago-based Tampico Beverages has evolved since 1989 when it launched its first flavor: Citrus Punch. Today, the brand offers three lineups and 24 SKUs in its value-based, fruit-flavored punch drink portfolio.

With popular flavors such as Apple Punch, Strawberry Banana Punch, Island Punch and Mango Punch, the company blends fruity flavors, colorful, fun packaging with “enjoyment,” it says.

Now distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide including Spain, Mexico, Cameroun, Indonesia and Peru, Tampico holds a premier position in the juice drinks category by providing consumers with great taste and outstanding quality at an affordable price, says Marta R. Gerdes, vice president of marketing at Tampico.

“Our core consumers are value-driven moms and young adults who may have grown up with the brand and are defined by an active lifestyle. Tampico strives to meet these consumers’ demands through multiple usage occasions, including at-home/familial settings and on-the-go consumption,” Gerdes says. “We have built strong brand recognition and tremendous brand equity through field marketing tactics and grassroots/community engagement activities.

“We understand that our multicultural world pulsates with energy, and the essence and spirit of the [juice] category is ‘enjoyment,’” she continues.


Delivering refreshment

To meet ever-changing consumer needs, Tampico strives to deliver “irresistible” taste sensations at an affordable price, Gerdes says. The company also recognized the fact that consumers were trending away from products with high-fructose corn syrup and juice and juice drinks typically are high in natural sugars.

In response to consumers seeking lower-sugar options, in April, Tampico launched its first sugar-free product, Tampico ZERO in two flavors: Mango Punch and Citrus Punch. Featuring 5 calories in each serving, Tampico ZERO contains zero sugar, vitamin A, C and E and currently is available at key retailers in the West, East/Central, South and Southeast regions.

“We’re available in over 60 retail chains across the country, as well as in major independents in key geographies,” Gerdes says. “The retailer list is growing daily.”

In addition to Tampico ZERO and its traditional Tampico PUNCH lineup, which is available in 15 flavors, the company offers Tampico Iced Tea in four flavors: Lemon, Peach, Sweetened and Unsweetened.

When asked what sets Tampico juice drinks apart from the rest, Gerdes responds, “As confirmed by our consumers: Our irresistible fruit blends.”


Imaginatively Curious

In addition to flavor innovations and new portfolios, last March, Tampico unveiled a major brand refresh with an updated logo, packaging, website and a new look and feel across its family of fruit-flavored juice drink products.

Featuring the tagline “Imaginatively Curious,” the refresh to Tampico’s brand and labeling is designed to offer a more fun, adventurous and uplifting aesthetic, the company says.

“[We’re] instilling a spirit of discovery and joyful moments into loyal brand fans and new-to-Tampico consumers alike,” Gerdes explains. “The new logo, with juice droplets emanating from the Tampico name, is designed to symbolize a burst of flavor, with the letter ‘o’ converted to a smile that conveys the fun found in Tampico juice.”

Designed to drive fan engagement, particularly with millennials, value moms and families, Tampico also offers a variety of packaging sizes including single-serve bottles, multi-packs, gallons and multi-pack cartons for kids’ lunchboxes.

“Our diverse package sizes are directly correlated to our striving to offer consumers the flavors they desire and the packages that are aligned with their usage occasions (at-home via multi-serve, on-the-go via single serve),” Gerdes says. “Consumers are reacting positively to our brand refresh and updated logo, which is totally aligned with the findings from the research we conducted leading up to the initiative.”

The company’s website also received a revamp in line with the packaging. The redesigned company website,, features four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

As Tampico looks to the next 30 years, Gerdes notes that the company’s vision statement will continue to drive results. It reads: “We are committed to being a diverse and innovative team focused on creating and delivering high-quality, delicious products for consumers around the world. Leading by integrity and respect, we will grow the brand by exceeding consumer expectations and building mutually successful partnerships in a changing global environment.”

Consumer loyalty, brand activities such as retail events with key retail partners, digital/social media activation and effective consumer promotions also have further enhanced Tampico’s success, Gerdes adds.

To maintain success, Tampico is “always in tune with and responding to consumers’ wants, which creates new opportunities and ideas,” Gerdes says. BI