Emerson announced the release of the Micro Motion 4200 wire loop-powered Coriolis transmitter, which delivers accurate, reliable measurement without the need for additional wiring. The new design makes it possible to replace existing two-wire flow devices with minimal effort and without incurring additional power or cabling costs. The device can accommodate the largest line size, up to four inches, of any two-wire flow meter and offers an onboard real-time clock for improved diagnostics, the company says. The unit is available in a remote-mount option for applications that require the transmitter to be separately located from the sensor. One way the 4200 transmitter is different from the previous iteration is that it provides a viable migration path with its two-wire solution, which does not require additional wiring or power sources, it adds. By using existing wires and eliminating the need for AC panels and transformers, the 4200 shortens engineering and planning time and reduces installation safety hazards. The unit also is an ideal solution for Greenfield applications where it’s necessary to minimize wiring costs without compromising on measurement performance. The new meter provides highly accurate and repeatable mass flow and density measurements that can maximize plant efficiency and reduce waste. The Coriolis two-wire also can be reused, lowering planning, engineering and installation costs.

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