Anderson-Negele announced the release of its new D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter. Designed as a hygienic go-to transmitter for food, beverage and dairy applications with pressure and/or vacuum conditions in the head space of the vessel, the D3 provides accurate, reliable and repeatable best-in-class temperature performance, the company says. The integration of dual mA outputs and an easy-to-use display interface helps customers accurately and conveniently monitor and control product level and head pressure in a closed or pressurized vessel. Unlike other differential pressure products, dual mA output is a standard feature of the D3 which removes the specific need for a Hart interface or an additional transmitter to monitor the head pressure in a closed vessel, it adds. This reduces the risk of over-pressurization in the tank, improves safety and maintains the quality and consistency of the product being produced with great repeatability and accuracy. 

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