Argelith Ceramic Tiles provides hexagonal ceramic floor tiles that are a durable, hygienic flooring solution for beverage processors such as breweries, wineries, dairies and soft drink manufacturers, it says. The advanced floor covering naturally is sanitary and nonabsorbent, without any surface treatments or sealants to wear off. Because ceramic is a natural material, it does not react with acids, oils or alkalis. Caustic and corrosive materials like alcohol, sugar and solvents clean away without degrading the floor. With an absorption rate of less than 0.1 percent, the tiles are almost nonporous, making them stain resistant and inhospitable to bacteria, the company says. Slip resistant and easy to clean, the tiles are made using a special firing process, making them a resilient, durable solution, it adds. The tiles exceed all industry standards for commercial flooring when it comes to break strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and moisture resistance.

Argelith Ceramic Tiles
103 N. 11th Ave.
Saint Charles, Ill. 60174