This Memorial Day past weekend, consumers kicked off the unofficial start of summer with a more diverse selection of food and beverage options. Although beer and hot dogs remain staple menu options for the summer, emerging options likely are to join them on the menu, according to New York-based Nielsen’s recent Insights titled “This Memorial Day, American Will Substitute Summer CPG Staples for Alternatives.”

“In the months ahead, retailers would be wise to prioritize promotion strategies beyond traditional staples,” the Insights states. “Specifically, they should look to options like plant-based meat alternatives and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. And it’s time to get ready for a summer where legal cannabis and private-label products leave ripple effects across categories, as we examine percentage shifts in the past year to predict trends in the coming months.”

According to the Nielsen infographic, hard seltzer consumption is up 193 percent through April 20 in Nielsen tracked Total U.S. extended All Outlet Combined (xAOC), convenience, military and liquor outlets. Hard kombucha also is seeing a triple-digit surge as the segment’s sales are up 247.3 percent.

Other positive beverage alcohol growth performances can found within canned wine (up 77.5 percent), wine-based cocktails (plus 41.9 percent), spirit-based cocktails (up 40.7 percent), still/table Rosé wine (plus 37.5 percent), frozen cocktails (up 34 percent) and sparkling Rosé wine (plus 25.5 percent).

For more details on Nielen’s infographic, click here.