PLT Health Solutions Inc. announced that its Artesa Chickpea Flour and Artesa Chickpea Protein have received non-GMO verification from the Non-GMO Project company. Manufactured by Richmond, Va.-based Nutriati Inc., both ingredients address a number of issues that have prevented other nutritionally desirable pulse/legume flours and plant-based proteins from gaining widespread adoption, including taste, sensory characteristics and formulating functionality, the company says. Artesa Chickpea Protein addresses issues of taste and formulation functionality in food, beverages, and supplement systems, it adds. Receiving the Non-GMO Project Verification means that the Artesa Chickpea ingredients are eligible for inclusion in non-GMO products that industry experts say will comprise more than 30 percent of the total food market. According to Devin Stagg, chief operating officer of PLT, traceability, sustainability and the ability to deliver clear-label solutions are key elements of Artesa’s value to food, beverage and supplement manufacturers. “The chickpea also gets good marks when it comes to sustainability,” Stagg said in a statement. “Chickpeas create their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen from the air — which means significantly lower use of chemical fertilizers and healthier soils. They also require significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Chickpeas have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein starting materials. These are all issues that consumers increasingly value in the food and supplement choices they make. We’re pleased that Nutriati has been able to achieve verification by the Non-GMO Project.”

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