IFT Showcases Innovative Ingredients

The Institute of Food Technologist Food Expo, July 16-20 in New Orleans, sparked the following introductions from these companies:
Dairy protein for health
Dairy Management Inc. demonstrated how to use whey protein in formulations for nutrition and functionality. Representing the current popularity of functional beverages, DMI presented a beverage prototype at IFT that was a mango-flavored isotonic protein beverage. The drink included 10 grams of whey protein isolate, a highly digestible protein that also helps restore muscle mass after exercise, in one serving, which is 20 percent of the recommended daily value of protein. Moreover, the drink contained 25 percent less sugar than a typical soft drink. The beverage also demonstrated that whey proteins have the unique ability to remain clear at the low pH of most isotonic drinks. — Dairy Management Inc., 10255 West Higgins Road, Suite 900, Rosemont, Ill. 60018; 847/205-5660; dairyinfo.com.
Genie in the bottle
The world of beverage flavors was again highlighted by Wild Flavors, with a wide variety of beverages circling the company’s booth. One of the most innovative applications on display involved a new technology for dairy-based beverages called Light Shield. This processing technology creates a barrier from light degradation of the nutrients in dairy products. For example, the prototype beverage product was a passionfruit-flavored kids’ drink that was created using Light Shield processing so the riboflavin included in the beverage would not break down over time. The advantage of Light Shield processing is that it can be a cost savings – so that in place of using an opaque bottle to protect the beverage contents from nutrient degradation, the protection is a result of the process itself.
Wild also displayed a number of other beverages at IFT that were designed to offer health benefits. For example, the Tropical Heart-Health beverage was described as “brimming with ‘cardio-licious’ antioxidants” to address heart health. The tropical-flavored beverage was formulated with enough plant sterol esters to enable the FDA-approved label claim that plant sterol esters “may reduce the risk of heart disease.” Other heart-healthy ingredients in this beverage included co-enzyme Q10, lutein and lycopene, selenium, vitamins C and E, apple polyphenols, chromium, fiber, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and arginine. — Wild Flavors Inc., 1261 Pacific Ave., Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 888.WILD-Flavors; wildflavors.com.
Functional ingredients
An innovative strategy for marketing functional ingredients is in place at GTC Nutrition, wherein the company’s nutraceutical ingredients all bear logos that appear on the retail shelf on packaged products. The company’s short chain fructooligosaccharide is called NutraFlora, is a natural prebiotic fiber that helps improve the absorption of calcium, magnesium and soy isoflavones while supporting healthy digestive function, immune response and regularity. The NutraFlora name and logo adorns the retail products that include this prebiotic fiber. For example, because the GTC NutraFlora ingredient is used by Horizon Dairy, the NutraFlora name adorns several of Horizon’s retail products such as the smoothies. Such logo programs make it possible for innovative partnerships with retail companies. In the case of Horizon Dairy, GTC is creating a consumer education and awareness program deemed “Health Sense, not Nonsense,” which aims to educate consumers about the nutritional value of prebiotic fibers.
Other ingredients that GTC offers include Aquamin, which is a sea plant-derived calcium source that provides bioactive calcium, magnesium and up to 70 trace minerals for bone health and overall wellness. Aquamin is also a logo ingredient, and has been used in orange juice produced by Smith’s Dairy to deliver additional calcium and magnesium. At the IFT show, the Aquamin product was put to good use and handed to attendees in its hang over cure form, Lifeline, which is a supplement made of the Aquamin minerals and available in Ireland and some parts of Europe. The product bears the tagline, “Partying tonight? Busy tomorrow” and directions recommend that if the capsules are taken within an hour of first imbibing, one can avoid the next-day discomfort from overindulging on alcohol. — GTC Nutrition, 600 Corporate Circle, Suite H, Golden, Colo. 80401; 800/522-4682; gtcnutrition.com.
New carb
The fallout from the low-carb craze still has the industry reeling, but consumers still have interest in beverages that have less sugar. Palatinit now offers a new product that can possibly revolutionize formulations as the next sugar replacement ingredient. Palatinose is a new functional carbohydrate that offers a low glycemic/low insulinemic response. Palatinose can be used in a variety of applications, from beverages and functional drinks to instant coffees and teas. Palatinose is made from sucrose that has undergone enzymatic rearrangement and then hydrogenation and crystallization to yield the Platinose disaccharide. It is known as a natural constitute of honey and sugar cane, and therefore has a natural mild sweet taste akin to sugar and is 50 to 55 percent as sweet as sugar.
Palatinose offers several significant advantages compared to sucrose, including being tooth-friendly and being digested much more slowly, which means that the glycemic response and insulin index are both very low. In fact, compared to other sugars, Paltinose offers a slow and sustained energy release that does not peak and then fall off like the hypoglycemic index response to typical carbohydrates. Palatinit introduced this new carbohydrate ingredient early this year, and Palatinose has received GRAS status in the United States, and is primed and ready for incorporation into low sugar or no-sugar applications. — Palatinit of America, 101 Gibraltar Drive, Suite 2B, Morris Plains, N.J. 07950; 973/539-6644; isomaltusa.com.
Hot and cold
In the spirit of New Orleans and Mardi Gras, David Michael exhibited a number of beverages featuring tropical flavors — “Mardi Tropicals.” The eight beverages on display each paired an exotic flavor with a more traditional flavor; the overall concept demonstrating that consumers are willing to try new flavors when they are couched in the familiar.
Two of the beverage concepts had ‘cooling’ and ‘heat’ sensations — “Hot” Mamey Orange delivered an element of heat to the mouth when consumed, along with the familiar flavor of orange and the more exotic flavor of mamey fruit, which is native to the West Indies and northern South America, with flavor resembling an apricot or red raspberry. The “Cool” Black Currant delivered a cooling sensation upon consumption along with the flavor of black currant. Other beverage concepts were Tamarind Pear, Acai Raspberry, Lulo Lime, Lychee Berry, Marula Mango and Guanabana Pineapple. — David Michael and Co. Inc., 10801 Decatur Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19154; 215/632-3100; dmflavors.com.
Vanilla vortex
Virginia Dare has developed a repertoire of all of the different vanilla flavor profiles from the world’s market — Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Uganda, among others. Virginia Dare can help manufacturers match the flavor profile of a vanilla ingredient with the taste goals of the end product to determine exactly which source vanilla beans are best for specific formulations. The new world vanilla market offers some distinct advantages, and Virginia Dare can help food industry manufacturers determine how to benefit in the new vanilla world. — Virginia Dare Inc., 882 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232; 718/788-1776; virginiadare.com
Glanbia Nutritionals has built a reputation by providing dairy ingredients such as calcium and dairy proteins that are dairy-derived, meaning that their nutritional composition replicates the mineral and nutritional structure of natural milk and dairy products. At IFT, Glanbia demonstrated the company’s Prolibra ingredient in a weight-loss smoothie prototype drink. Prolibra is a patent-pending, natural dairy-derived ingredient that is ideal for weight management applications. The ingredient has been clinically proven to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle mass.
The prototype Wild Berry Weight Loss Smoothie included Prolibra at 5 percent of the formulation. Prolibra can be used to enhance meal replacement and dietary supplements in ready-to-drink and powdered beverages, and in bars and snacks. — Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., 523 6th Street, Monroe, Wis. 53566; 800/336-2183; glanbianutritionals.com.
Soy options
Solae demonstrated several examples of the viability of soy at this year’s IFT, including an opportunity to compare two meal replacement beverages — one using all dairy ingredients and one that is a milk and soy combination formulation. This taste challenge was designed to demonstrate that without sacrificing taste, manufacturers can realize cost savings and other benefits by using soy protein in products that may have historically been milk protein based.
Other beverages products that Solae demonstrated at IFT included a juice beverage that features soy protein for protein fortification and heart health benefits. This product utilized exclusive Solae technology to yield protein stability in an acidic environment, which is a difficult proposition in traditional fruit juice-based beverages.
And finally, Solae demonstrated a dual-layer nutrition bar concept that was created on the company’s pilot plant bar line. The soy ingredients included in the bar help manage texture and prevent bar hardening, in addition to providing innovative flavor through the use of a Cocoa Soy Protein Nugget which delivers a rich cocoa flavor and a high-quality, 75 percent soy protein. — The Solae Co., P.O. Box 88940, St. Louis, Mo. 63188; 314/982-1983; solae.com.
Phosphates for health
With the April 2005 release of the new USDA dietary guidelines and “MyPyramid,” many product developers are seeking to create new products that qualify as healthy or feature healthy ingredients. Key areas of interest since the release are sodium reduction, potassium enhancement, mineral fortification (calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus), incorporation of fiber, as well as essential fatty acids. Astaris highlighted at IFT its line of functional phosphate-based ingredients to help the industry develop products to meet these goals. Astaris’ full line of potassium phosphates and functional blends will allow manufacturers to deliver products that are lower in sodium while having the additional benefit of potassium fortification. — Astaris LLC, 622 Emerson Road, St. Louis, Mo. 63141; 314/983-7500; astaris.com.
Green tea advantages
DSM Nutritional Products made attendees aware of its marketing campaign to communicate the important health benefits of Teavigo, a green tea extract. Teavigo has achieved GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) affirmation, enabling food and beverage manufacturers to expand their product development opportunities. Research suggests that EGCG (Epigallocatedchin Gallate), the major active component in green tea, may enhance metabolism and be beneficial in weight management. DSM Nutritional Products extracts EGCG from green tea utilizing patented technology, and unlike other common tea extracts, Teavigo is nearly colorless and odorless. Proven safe and effective in increasing metabolism, the company says caffeine-free Teavigo can be an ideal complement to a sensible weight management program. — DSM Nutritional Products Inc., 45 Waterview Blvd., Parsippany, N.J. 07054-1293; 800/526-0189; nutraaccess.com.
Coffee fruits
VDF FutureCeuticals, through a patent-pending technology, made available at the IFT exhibition the whole, fresh, ripe coffee fruit in whole powdered and concentrated extract forms called Coffeeberry. Previously, the only coffee options available came from the roasted bean or seed. Growers were forced to throw away the fruit of the coffee – a glowing red berry – because it was too perishable to process. Like many plants, coffee concentrates most of its nutrition in the whole fruit, not just the seed. Whole coffee fruit contains high concentrations of phenolic acids and other nutrients. — VDF FutureCeuticals, 819 North Dixie Highway, Momence, Ill. 60954; 888/452-6853; coffeeberry.org.
Functional citrics
Citrocoat, a coated acid by Jungbunzlauer, can prevent unwanted acid hydrolysis of other ingredients, and act as a gentle acidulant in instant drinks. Citrocoat N is based on citric acid as core material, with a layer of a citrate as shell material. When dissolved in water, Citrocoat N behaves like uncoated acid. Thus far, the functional citrics from Jungbunzlauer are processed in applications including instant drinks. — Jungbunzlauer Inc., 7 Wells Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 02459; 617/969-0900; junbunzlauer.com