To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Moët Impérial, Moët & Chandon unearthed a collection of never-before-seen photos. Through a Kickstarter campaign, Josh Wilbur started Steeped Coffee, a single-use coffee in a biodegradable steeping bag. The 2nd Annual Sebrig Soda Festival took place April 5-6, where soda companies introduced new creative flavors.


Celebrating with Champagne

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of its flagship Champagne, Moët Impérial, Moët & Chandon unearthed a collection of never-before-seen photos. Whether its Paul Newman’s 40th birthday party on-set in Nice, France, or Andy Warhol’s private bottle service dinner in New York City, the exclusive images from the company’s archives showcase iconic celebrations where Moët has been part of the celebration, the company said. Moët & Chandon President Robert-Jean de Vogüé used his legendary “15 minutes of lead time” to mingle with President Dwight Eisenhower, dine with Gary Cooper, and charm the Hollywood aristocracy with his festive Champagne.

Something big is brewing

Designed to solve the single-serve coffee crisis and to deliver quality without compromise, Steeped Coffee’s brew method utilizes a full immersion protocol, which means no machines, no waste, guilt-free packaging and amazing taste, it says. Launched to the public through a Kickstarter campaign, the brainchild of Josh Wilbur is a single-use coffee in a biodegradable steeping bag, much like tea. It took Wilbur seven years to innovate the proprietary Steeped Coffee system that delivers fresh roasted, pre-portioned, precision ground, micro batched coffee in customized Full Immersion Filters. “Premium coffee roasters have shied away from offering their specialty beans in single-serve packaging because it’s been nearly impossible to keep ground coffee fresh, which quickly ruins the taste,” Wilbur said in a statement. “With our Nitro Sealed bags, oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, so the coffee stays fresh as if it was ground moments ago. Steeped Packs are the easiest way to make a delicious cup of coffee.”

Florida’s fizziest festival

With more than 200 craft sodas to sample and purchase, soda cocktails, live music and festive food, the 2nd Annual Sebring Soda Festival took place April 5-6 in Sebring, Fla. In addition to traditional colas, ginger ales, root beers and cream sodas, the event featured unique flavors that consumers can’t find in stores including caramel apple, prickly pear, espresso, peach cobbler, candied bacon, key lime, cucumber and pepper, the company said in a statement. Soda fans also were able to revisit many vintage favorites including Cheerwine, Moxie and RC Cola. Avery’s Sodas created a unique soda just for the festival: Sebring Gator Grog, which features orange, kiwi and blue raspberry flavors.