Lightweight Containers offers two kegs — KeyKeg and UniKeg — which are designed with circularity in mind. From the beginning, KeyKeg was using reused plastics made of 100 percent post-consumer recyclate to create their grip-rings and base cups. Today, KeyKegs are collected with the aim to create new KeyKegs made of 81 percent reused materials, making the kegs more circular than other kegs in the category, the company says. The company also notes that recycling of large containers in traditional waste streams is technically possible but in general not applied, with kegs ending up in landfill or incinerated. To combat this challenge, Lightweight Containers launched OneCircle which, in a year’s time, has collected kegs used at festivals, creating fully operational collection networks in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, it says. Similar programs are ready for rollout in the United States and Asia. KeyKeg and UniKeg now reduce the requirement of return logistics by 100 percent and water required for cleaning now is zero, it says. In addition, KeyKeg and UniKeg are designed with double wall technology to maintain high-quality standards for craft beer, wine, kombucha and nitro coffee.

Lightweight Containers
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