In collaboration with Twitch star Mike "Shroud" Grzesiek, Madrinas Coffee announced the launch of its newest flavor of cold brew coffee: the Shroud Insane Cappuccino. Madrinas Coffee has made this collaborative brew available for purchase via their online webstore.

"Mike and the Shroud team have been incredible partners to collaborate with, and getting to work with Shroud directly on his Insane Cappuccino is the perfect way for us to cap another tremendous year of growth," Co-Founder and Vice President Alex Davis said in a statement. “Ever since this brand was born, we have defined our brand by two main values. First, Madrinas must be the easiest-to-drink, best-tasting cold brew available either on the shelf or on the internet. Second, Madrinas Coffee is fuel, so our cold brews must deliver on the high expectations that our audience has for their daily source of energy, especially since so many are choosing Madrinas Coffee for fuel instead of chemically charged energy drinks."

Grzesiek added: "As a coffee drinker, I don't ever drink energy drinks. They're just not my style. So Madrinas has been the perfect partner for me. I get to stay fueled and caffeinated. And now I get to have my own Cold Brew with them, which is sick. I drink both their hot coffee and cold brews, so for the days that I am looking for something quick, I grab a can of my Insane Cappuccino."

The Shroud Insane Cappuccino will be a permanent item on the Madrinas Coffee webstore, and can be purchased as a six-pack for the list price of $19. For a limited time this holiday season, the Shroud Insane Cappuccino can be purchased in a bundle with the Shroud Insane Roast, Grzesiek's collaborative 12-ounce bag of micro roasted whole bean coffee, as well as other limited-time items.