Schneider Electric introduced a new augmented reality (AR) software: the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor. The solution brings together physical, real-life objects with virtual objects to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve proactive maintenance, the company says. The EcoStruxur advisor combines contextual and local dynamic information for mobile users in the field through an intuitive tablet interface that superimposes real-time data and virtual objects onto cabinets or machines, giving operators immediate access to relevant machine and process information, it adds. Other features include reduced downtime due to operators’ ability to virtually open electrical cabinet doors to troubleshoot potential issues; faster operation and maintenance with operators having immediate access to real-time data in the field; and reduced human error because the software locates the right equipment and guides operators step-by-step through maintenance procedures, according to the company. The plug-and-play architecture works on tablets, currently iOS with Android and Windows, and uses a Windows-based PC as the server platform.

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