The Dreaming Tree, the California wine portfolio from musician Dave Matthews and award-winning winemaker Sean McKenzie, launched their new packaging this spring. The sleek, new bottles represent and celebrate The Dreaming Tree’s longstanding commitment to making eco-conscious efforts in support of our planet, the company says. In addition to new capsules to differentiate between the red and white varietals, the new design features pressure sensitive labels, which are made with 100 percent recyclable paper to align with The Dreaming Tree’s commitment to sustainability. A new die cut also emphasizes the Dreaming “Tree,” as a nod to the brand’s emphasis on the environment, it notes. Additionally, the bottles will still weigh a quarter pound less than the normal bottle, reducing the amount of fuel it takes to get from the vine to your table, according to the company. “Our hope is that The Dreaming Tree’s new label design sparks a conversation about sustainability, and the eco-friendly steps we can all take as we move forward,” said musician and The Dreaming Tree Co-Conspirator Dave Matthews in a statement.