Royal Ingredients LLC announced the launch of a no-compromise sugar alternative called Heylo. Heylo has no taste, texture or gut health trade-off and has patents in the United States and across the world, the company says. The ingredient is made of two natural ingredients: water-extracted stevia and all-natural dietary fibers from the acacia tree. A prebiotic, Heylo is free from artificial sweeteners, calories and chemicals, and has zero glycemic index value, it says. Heylo has been successfully applied in non-carbonated beverages. It will be available in three forms: organic brown sugar alternative, natural white sugar alternative and liquid. Heylo can fully eliminate added sugar and artificial sweeteners from food and drinks, it adds. “Our formula is extremely advanced and yet so simple,” said Jeremy Cage, Heylo’s chief marketing officer, in a statement. “It will allow people who want to or need to avoid sugar to continue enjoy sweetened foods and beverages.”

Royal Ingredients LLC
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