Patrón Tequila introduced this year’s Patrón Silver 1-liter limited-edition bottle. The third in a series of collectible large-size bottle designs for the holidays, Patrón Silver is inspired by Mexico’s tradition of vibrant ceramic and textile folk art, the company says. The brightly colored pewter bottle label on this year’s special-edition release features Patrón’s iconic bee design and depicts elements of Patrón’s meticulous production process, including renderings of the native weber blue agave from which Patrón is created, the razor-sharp ax used to chop the harvested agave and the traditional “tahona” stone used to crush the cooked agave, beginning the fermentation and distillation process, it says. The bottle is topped with an intricately designed metallic stopper, mirroring the detailed aesthetic of the label, and is packaged in a green gift bag, reminiscent of Patrón Silver’s signature box. “Patrón is always one of the most-gifted spirits during the holidays, and our limited-edition large size bottle has become something that people look forward to every year, both as a gift for someone special and for holiday entertaining,” said Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón Spirits, in a statement. “The distinctive label design of this year’s bottle — influenced by our rich Mexican tradition of crafting artisanal tequila — offers a truly unique gifting option for those who enjoy and appreciate high-quality, luxury spirits.”