New York-based Harney & Sons is introducing its new AthleTea line of specialty tea for athletes. Each AthleTea flavor is specifically blended with the active body in mind, the company says.

This new product launch comes after Harney & Sons' recent partnership with mental strength and conditioning platform, AthleteMinder. AthleTea is available in three flavors designed to hydrate and aid athletes: Orange ManGo For It Performance Hydration Plus, Get Your Passion Berry Performance Hydration, and Go To Goji Recovery Hydration.

"We are excited to offer a line of teas for athletes and fitness-minded people," said Emeric Harney, marketing manager at Harney & Sons, in a statement. "We are proud to partner with the amazing AthleteMinder, who inspired us to create this new product line. Together we are combining world-class tea knowledge, sourcing and production, with the needs of athletes, active people and tea lovers alike."

Studies show that drinking tea supports physical activity through its preventive functions, the company says. It aids athletes with more sustained energy for workouts and a faster recovery process, it says. Tea can help athletes with improved alertness, focus and can provide an extra surge of energy during long workouts. The high dose of antioxidants can help the body metabolize fats for fuel late in the workouts or performances, it adds.

"Whether it's mentally preparing for the game or taking the time to reflect on a performance, making a cup of AthleTea carves out the time," said Dr. Mara Smith, founder of AthleteMinder and mental strength consultant to Olympic and World medal-winning athletes, in a statement. "The antioxidants in AthleTea benefit athletes of all types, no matter their sport, age or competitive level."

AthleTea is produced in small batches with the high-quality ingredients. Each AthleTea has been thoughtfully blended with selected ingredients to support hydration, energy, focus, readiness, relaxation and recovery, the company says.