Buzz Balance Beverages now offers its Buzz Balance and Hangover Hug in select U.S. markets and online at With 10 calories in each 12-ounce bottle, the products are sweetened with stevia and contain no sugar. Buzz Balance is designed to be drank alternatively with wine and cocktails in place of water to detoxify and manage the side-effects of alcohol and everyday living, the company says. Hangover Hug is a morning-after detox drink that contains no caffeine and is 100 percent natural, it adds. Both products are packaged in single-serve, 12-ounce bottles that have a suggested retail price of $2.99.

Buzz Balance Beverages, Las Vegas
Distribution: Select markets and online
Ingredients: Buzz Balance: Water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic lemon juice concentrate, lime juice concentrate, natural flavors, organic ginger extract, stevia and grape juice concentrate.