Pregame: The Anti Hangover Energy ShotPregame Beverages LLC launched Pregame: The Anti Hangover Energy Shot, which was designed to deliver an energy boost and help fight the effects of a hangover the next morning, the company says. In its proprietary anti-hangover blend, Pregame provides supplements that aid the body in metabolizing alcohol, helping to neutralize toxins, it says. In addition, Pregame supplements contain essential electrolytes to help maintain the body's electrolyte balance and keep the body hydrated. Lastly, the energy blend consists of B vitamins, taurine and caffeine. A 2-ounce shot has a suggested retail price of $2.99, and a 12-pack retails online for $34.99.

Pregame Beverages LLC, Detroit
Telephone: 248/321-2638
Distribution: Online
Ingredients: Lemon Lime: L-cysteine, milk thistle extract, SAMe, sodium, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C and green tea extract.