Finding new ways to reach consumers in a crowded marketplace and digital world can be difficult. While sifting through my emails and news, I’m always intrigued by brands that are finding unique ways to utilize the digital world to connect and excite their consumers.

In August’s Special Report, I reported on the use of social media in beverage marketing. But beverage brands’ activity in the digital world goes beyond social media.

For instance, Dr Pepper launched an interesting promotion this summer called Pick Your Pepper, Bring on Summer. For a limited time (June 15 to Aug. 15), consumers at Walmart stores had the chance to participate in the campaign, which was powered by digital marketing experts HelloWorld. The campaign rewarded shoppers who purchased Dr Pepper in-store at Walmart.

To participate, consumers visited a campaign microsite where they could upload their receipts to earn rewards. For every $1 spent, consumers unlocked a virtual, custom Dr Pepper bottle with a unique Pick Your Pepper label. After unlocking five bottles, consumers could receive a variety of prizes, ranging from an inflatable drink holder for five bottles to a
Dr Pepper pool float for 40 bottles.

Another interesting use of digital comes from Jordan Vineyard & Winery. The company recently debuted a new website, Wine Country Table is dedicated to sharing recommendations and tips to help others eat, drink and travel with Sonoma style, the company says. Its chef and baker offer cooking, baking, and food and wine pairing advice, while its event planner and designer shares home entertaining and party planning tips.

Now that technology has become fully entrenched into many consumers’ lives, it’s important that marketers are developing interactive ways to engage with their consumers.