In an effort to combat the busy state of being driven by everyday pressures, Canada Dry, a brand of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Plano, Texas, wants to make people more aware of what is keeping them from doing the things they love and is encouraging its fans to move past their busy work and social schedules to maximize their relaxation with its newest marketing campaign: Busy is a Four-Letter Word.

"We built this campaign based on our research that showed us that people aren't prioritizing what matters most to them because they are plagued with being 'too busy,’" said Chanda Ridley, director of marketing and content for Canada Dry, in a statement.

To do this, the brand teamed up with linguist and language creator David J. Peterson to further understand how the word busy has evolved and why society uses busy as a badge of honor — also known as "busy-bragging."  

"Today, we use busy to describe going to the beach or working late — positively and negatively. Through research, we identified different types of busy and created a new language to better define what type of busy we are, at any given moment, and to make people aware of what is occupying their time," said Peterson.

To illustrate the impact busyness has on people’s lives today, Canada Dry created a video where friends and family discuss busy with both positive and negative concepts such as "success", "winning" and "I don't have time to connect with you," showing the polarizing effect of the four-letter word busy. 

Canada Dry and Peterson developed a quiz to help answer what kind of busy consumers are and inspire a positive change in routine by encouraging consumers to "unbusy" themselves and be mindful of the tasks that get in the way of enjoying the things that matter most, the company says.

To learn more about "Busy is a 4 Letter Word," watch the video and take the quiz, visit