Sparkling display

Viniq Shimmery Liqueur, a brand of E & J Gallo Winery, is utilizing a state-of-the-art foil from brand enhancement specialist API on its retail display box. The holographic Micro Glitter foil integrates with the overall graphic intent to convey the brand promise of the distinctive liqueur, the company says. The Micro Glitter foil, part of API’s Holofoil range, is applied to the retail display box by Pacific Southwest Container. It creates sparkling waves of light that emanate from a printed image of the Viniq Shimmery Liqueur bottle, it says. This graphic display represents the swirling shimmer effect of the liqueur when it is poured into a glass, it adds. The box exemplifies packaging that acts as a “second skin” by representing the product’s qualities and helping to build a relationship with the consumer before purchase, according to the company. It also works in harmony with the other elements of the product to attract its target market of millennials, catching the consumer’s eye and visually telling the story of the shimmering liqueur, it adds.

Sporting a new look

Sportables LLC announced a major rebrand for its flagship premium hydration brand iXL. Sportables partnered with Proof Positioning to conduct consumer surveys, analyze data, and assist with crafting the new positioning and brand narrative. The study was designed to be objective and entirely data driven. “Our electrolyte system incorporates a unique blend of amino acids, which is designed for rapid delivery and increased absorption, so when ‘hydrates my body quickly’ scored so high on the surveys, it made total sense,” Chief Executive Officer Mark Davis said in a statement. “It was at that point we realized [that] our zero sodium/high-potassium proposition was still important, but that it should become secondary messaging. Our new messaging does a great job of communicating the consumer benefit, and our new packaging is appealing to this informed consumer.” The new iXL package design currently is available in ready-to-drink, single-serve and box packaging formats for the grocery and club channels, while new powder drink mix packaging will be released nationally in the industrial channel this year. Hydrates Fast is the primary call-out on packaging, while secondary messaging speaks to the higher potassium-zero sodium combination and the drink’s impact on muscle cramping and fatigue, the company says.

Fitted for your convenience

FIJI Water began rolling out a new, fresh look for FIJI Water bottles featuring a slim, sleek bottle design. With this new design, FIJI Water’s 330-, 500- and 700-ml SKUs now will fit effortlessly everywhere, the company says. This includes the primary consumption occasion for bottled water like in the car, it adds. The 1-liter FIJI Water bottle, found in-store or in fine dining establishments, also will receive the new, fresh look. The new look began rolling out in January with the 500-ml size. The remainder of the portfolio will receive the same makeover throughout the first quarter of 2017, the company says. All updated FIJI Water bottles will retain the iconic square shape, it adds.