Whether its coolers or wall clocks, branding on everyday items is not a new phenomenon; however, throughout the summer, an onslaught of beverage brands announced branded fashion items that consumers could either purchase or win. Although beverage brands have placed their names on T-shirts and flip-flops for years, this past summer, the trend was to make the items harder to acquire — thus making them more desirable to consumers.

In partnering with a popular sneaker artist, Brisk appealed not only to fans of the iced tea brand, but also to sneaker collectors. Because only a few pairs were made and could only be acquired by winning one of two sweepstakes, this gave the rare sneakers an audience that extends beyond the brand’s core consumer base.

Jose Cuervo appealed to fashionistas when it partnered with 6 Shore Road by Pooja to launch a limited-edition woman’s swimsuit that was inspired by the colors of its Authentic Jose Cuervo Margarita range and the blue agave plant. Since the swimsuit’s debut at Miami Swimweek on July 18, consumers have been able to purchase it online for $138, but only for a limited time. Designed by fashion designer Pooja Kharbanda, the swimsuit also appeals to the fashion-forward who might not drink alcohol beverages.

Bacardi’s wooden sunglasses made from recycled oak barrels appeal to a vast range of consumers and offer the benefit of year-round use — thus, year-round branding. Because they’re made from recycled materials, the sunglasses also appeal to the growing numbers of eco-conscious consumers.

With several other branding initiatives being launched this summer, I’m curious whether we’ll see any in the approaching fall and winter months. Bringing professional artists from the fashion world together with beverage brands might also bring an air of collectability to these products, making them cherished by all who own them.